Swim-A-Polooza II Planning

Just a reminder that we will be having the Swim-A-Polooza II meeting next week Thursday, April 26th at 7 PM.  This meeting is for parents and athletes that will be swimming or diving in the fall of 2012.  Come in the main school entrance and take an angle to right down the hallway towards the Auditorium.

We will try my best to keep it to an hour.  At the end, we can do a quick tour of the pool so everyone can see the scoreboard and the new backstroke flags.

Here are some topics that will be discussed that will need some leadership/volunteers:

  • Food/Eating
  • Scavenger Hunt – Food Drive with food going to the Wales Food Pantry
  • Door Prizes
  • Pocket Peelers

The seniors will be working on the hourly activities which will include yoga along with back massages.

Last year we met on May 31st to start planning, so we are way ahead of the curve.

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