New Swim Coach

We are excited for Charles Lorenz to join the coaching staff as an Assistant Swim Coach.

Charles brings a great amount of swimming experience from High School, Club, and College to the program.  He was a Junior National Qualifier from 1991 to 1993, a Junior National Champion in 1994, Senior National Finalist in 1996 all with the Lake Country Phoenix.  He was also a Big Ten Finalist in 1996 and 1997 for UW Madison.

Still swimming competitively now, Charles holds a number of Masters Records for the State of Wisconsin including the 200 Freestyle, 400 Freestyle, 500 Freestyle, 800 Freestyle, and mile.

Lorenz has a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Madison, along with a Masters of Business Administration from Loyola University of Chicago.  He works full time as a Senior Application Architect for Sammons Financial Group.

About kbedalov

Husband, Father, Coach, Friend. Just living life the way it was suppose to be: honorably, respectfully, and passionately.
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