Take Proper Care of Yourself

This was sent to me by both schools Athletic Directors and Principals within a two day span.  Thought it was important to send to all the student/athletes to make sure they knew the importance of taking care of themselves properly.


Memo to:  Principal, AD, WIAA member schools.

Regarding: Supplements and WIAA Provisions

From:  Dave Anderson, Executive Director, Wade Labecki, Deputy Director

In recent days we were contacted by an individual who asserted that several student athletes at a WIAA member school were using a product called ‘C4 Extreme’ and were chatting about it on the internet.  The product the students purchased was being promoted as a pre-workout supplement by a local supplement store and students were told the product was – – ‘legal’.

In following up on the assertions which we forwarded to the member school, the school found that the product contained elements which are on the WIAA’s banned list of performance enhancing substances. The school has applied their code and those athletes who were using the product will be suspended for the required number of contests this fall.

The reason for this message is two-fold.  First to alert you to this product and second to alert you to the fact that we have learned that this product appears to be being heavily promoted within the store chain.

We have been told that in some parts of the state, the product may have been given as free samples to high school student athletes.

Please spread the word among your coaching staff, parents and athletes in order that your student athletes and your school might be spared the distress recently experienced by another member school.

The attached link will provide you the WIAA’s policy on performance enhancing supplements.



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