Contact Days Wrap Up

This was the most successful set of Contact Days since we have started doing them in 2009.  Eight people made is all 5 days.  Divers participated two days this year.  New coaching staff stopped in for 2 days.  Sizing Kit for team suits arrived in time so people could get their suits ordered in time.   Just so many positive things happened during the five days.

And now, just a couple of reminders during the last week off before we get started for real on August 7.

Every athlete must have a signed concussion form on file in the athletic office before they begin practice in the fall.  This includes freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors. Parents are required to read the information and sign the form as well.  Information is on both schools websites or they can be picked up in the Athletic Office.

Please make sure you have all your forms in before the first practice.  If you are unsure please call your school’s athletic office to check.

The First Team Dinner will be at Coach Kyle’s house on Wednesday at 6:30 to watch the Olympics.  We plan on ordering pizza once the team arrives.

Wednesday is also the last day to get your order forms in for Team Shirts.  Please bring them along that night OR send them to me ahead of time.  The link to the form is here


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