One Up Training

If you came to the contact days you may have met one of our two Dry Land trainers.  We have a contract through One Up Training this season to perform dry land training the majority of the season.

This is going to be an integral part of our season and your attendance is going to be expected.  We are making this huge investment so that we can succeed in the pool!

This is part of the One Up Training Mission statement:

One Up Training is a mobile Strength and Conditioning Company that specializes in training ONLY FEMALE ATHLETES. We are dedicated to providing the training and tools necessary to not only enhance athletic performance, but also lower the risk of injury that today’s female athletes face.

You will need to have the Dry Land waiver signed and filled out before you can participate in dry land. This is needed because we are contracting a third party group to run this program.  We plan on starting dry land right away on the first day.  Please make sure you have this filled out and brought with you on Day 1.

The form is on the right and is labeled 2012 Dryland Waiver OR is can be found at at this link


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