Week 3 Wrap Up

You would not think that after spending 24 hours together that we would need  wrap up of the week, but you would be wrong! 🙂

Things that were important to remember and note from week 3:

  • Coach Charles has a great opportunity for him to move to a his kids club program to be both an age group coach and a senior coach in an assistant role.  His last days will be either Tuesday or Wednesday this week
  • Our practice habits carry over to our meet performance.  We practice well, we swim.  Period.  If we have a week of poor habits, they carry over to our meet performance.  Coach Meinholz confirmed that during his pre-water instruction on Friday.
  • The Food Drive portion of Swim-a-Pooloza continues to be the most rewarding and have the best stories.  More food delivered to the pantry than last year even if some of the donations were not appropriate. The picture to the right is where the donations went.

Onto Week 4!

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Husband, Father, Coach, Friend. Just living life the way it was suppose to be: honorably, respectfully, and passionately.
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