Notes from Conference

Because we like numbers so much we tried to dive deeper into the effort and good swimming that took place last Saturday.

Not only did we use all 32 varsity entries, the max allowed, we also used 32 individual event entries at JV, an all time high.

In 2011, we only had 3 entries in each relay (1 JV and 2 Varsity).  This year we used the the maximum of 2 at both levels.  If we take the three relays from 2011 and compare them to the first three relays this year, we were 74.1 seconds faster.  That is one minute and 14 seconds faster spread out over the 9 total relay swims.

Now onto the individual swims.  Of the people that swam the same events this year as last year, we were 40.3 seconds faster.

Not only did we have more swims, we were faster, and we added tremendous depth in all events.  Great work


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