Breast Cancer TShirt Follow Up

Two years ago we gave the proceeds from the Breast Cancer Awareness TShirt sale to the Susan G. Komen Foundation of Southeastern Wisconsin.  The total was just short of $300

Last year we gave the proceeds, over $800, to the Stillwaters Cancer Support Services in Waukesha.  We had Carrie from Stillwaters comes in and talk about their program and what services they offered.

This year, we have decided to give the proceeds, which should be over $1000, to  the Leroy Butler Foundation.  The Leroy Butler Foundation is dedicated to helping women going through breast cancer treatment to obtain the assistance they need to focus on the job of healing verses the financial impact to their families.

A little background on Mr. Leroy Butler.  If you are not aware, he is a former Green Bay Packer and played in the 1996 SuperBowl.  He is also the originator of the Lambeau Leap.

Please mark your calendars for Tuesday, October 30th to be at the pool to present the large check to Mr. Butler and the Foundation.  He will be on site at 5:00 PM but you should be there by 4:30 with this years Breast Cancer Awareness TShirt.

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5 Responses to Breast Cancer TShirt Follow Up

  1. Erickson says:

    Awesome, Kyle! So many of my favorite Packers come from that lineup (Levens, Butler, Henderson), and LeRoy’s charitable works over the years have been noteworthy.

    Although being the ND guy you are, if you were going to patronize a ’90s Packer, I really expected you to divert the funds directly to Derrick Mayes’ charities instead.

    • kbedalov says:

      Derrick Mayes also won a super bowl ring as a rookie that year. How many out there actually had a Mayes jersey besides me. I mean James Loften, then Jackie Harris, then Derrick Mayes, then Donald Driver. #80 is a great number 🙂

      • Erickson says:

        Your Derrick Mayes jersey may have been cool, but I’ll never forget being just floored by the sight, on Water Street after the SuperBowl(tm) victory, of a guy wearing a LeShon Johnson *throwback* jersey. I mean, how specific of a fan must you be, to actually purchase the #42 Blue / Gold which Northern Illinois(?) favorite son wore maybe once?

        I guess I can hold out hope for that Corey Harris practice jersey on e-Bay after all…

  2. Krysta Parson says:

    Is it only swim team members that are allowed to come?

    • kbedalov says:

      I would like to make sure that the swim/dive team is there but my guess is that as word spreads more people will attend

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