Sectional Week

All meets are exciting.  But there is something about the WIAA Sectional that makes you say WOW!  Even if you are not swimming or diving, I would highly encourage you to attend.  There are very few things in life that are this electric.

The anticipation for Saturday must stay contained and under control until we get to the pool on Friday for diving and Saturday for swimming.

But I for one will have a hard time doing that.  One of the players that I remember in the Packers return to glory back in 1996 is coming on Tuesday.  Mr. Leroy Butler will be at the pool at 5 PM to receive our donation to his foundation.  ALL SWIMMERS AND DIVERS are encouraged to be at the North Aquatic Center at 4:45 with their Breast Cancer Shirts on for this event.

Swimmers will have practice at the normal starting time of 5:30 all week.

We also have some other housekeeping issues to take care of as well.


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