Track Concessions Opportunities

Kettle MoraineThis is hot off the presses!

If you remember the Booster Clubs at BOTH schools support our team generously throughout the past three or four years.  In return we have the opportunity to help out at concessions at various events.

This is one of those times.  The KM Track Team has a number of openings.

Here is the link for the concessions sign-up for the 5 home meets.  Students and Parents can both sign up for these events.

An ideal situation for the big invites would be as follows:  4/25 (out freshman invite), that non-freshman parents sign-up for that one, 5/3 (varsity invite) and 5/20 (regionals) that non-varsity parents sign-up and 5/11 (JV invite) that varsity parents sign up for that one.

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