North Track Concessions

Northstar TrackThe North Booster Club is requesting membership assistance with several larger track meets listed below.

It is very easy to sign up this year. All you need to do is select the hyper link in blue and add your name & information to the Google Doc spreadsheet white blank area. Your entry automatically saves when you exit the document. Note: Students can volunteer as well, but it has to be a 1 student/1 parent ratio.

We are looking for 18 volunteers to fill our remaining slots for these 5 track meets below.

We would like all slots filled by this Sunday April 21st especially for our 4/25 & 4/27 dates.

Our concessions at home track meets is a great fundraiser for the Booster Club.  Your volunteer hours working concessions helps raise money to give back to all the teams and student athletes here at North.  The Booster Club has contributed $35,448.45 so far this year.  Plus an additional $25,000 matching the Muscle Milk Grant we were awarded to create a new 6,000 sq ft Fitness Center which the Booster Club is looking to begin at the end of this school year.

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