My Own Lane

Had an opportunity to listen to Dr. Alan Goldberg this past weekend.  Dr. Goldberg specializes in sports psychology for peak performance and mental toughness for athletes. Brain

Dr. Goldberg is the author of 35 mental toughness training programs and books for athletes, coaches and parents on sports psychology and peak performance. He also writes on the subject of peak performance for a number of national publications including Collegiate Baseball, Swimming World, USA Swimming’s Splash Magazine, International Gymnast, Fitness Swimmer, BullsEye News, the NSCAA Soccer Journal, Soccer Jr., The Diver, and Women’s Fast Pitch World, to name a few.

I attended the Coach session, and part of the athlete session that my kids were attending.  The main takeaways from his talks for me were:

  • Stay in your “own lane” and focus on what you can do
  • Everything should be process based not outcome based
  • When you sign up for a team there is a unwritten rule that there will be good times and bad times
  • You are not a good coach because your kids swim fast, you are good coach because you care
  • Thinking and peak performance are always mutually exclusive

Dr. Goldberg has an entire section of his website devoted to Swimming.  The link is right here –>

He also had a great diagram on how the Parent / Coach / Athlete triangle must work together for everyone to succeed.

On the Competitive Advantage website, there are are great deal of printable materials that you should look at an review.  There are things for Parents and for Athletes.  I know that I will be reviewing more and more of the materials on the Coach portion of the site.


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