11 Days til We Start

As most of you have already heard, there was a fire at Waukesha North High School on Thursday morning in the northwest corner of the field house.  There was damage in the gym that was minor, but smoke filled the school and with it settling it has made a pretty big mess.  The school is closed down for clean up all of this upcoming week.

The air quality checked out fine in testing today, but they are still going to clean all duck work leading to and from the pool and the gym.  We are hopeful that we will be able to get to the pool and locker room on the 13th, but we are working on contingency planning as a precaution.  We will know more later next week.

The parent meeting will still be at 6 pm, but we are now going to have it at Kettle Moraine in the library on August 12th.  This too, is subject to change.  I will keep you posted.

It is unclear how much of a ripple effect this fire will have on Swim-a-Pooloza.  We may have to move it back a week, and do something different with the Alumni Meet.


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