Couple More Days

Had the opportunity this evening to stop in and see the pool.

Happy to report that there seems to be little to no soot damage in the pool area and office.  Water clarity is great, and when tested it was clean.  That along with getting a reassurance from the Athletic Director that we can move Swim-A-Pooloza III to Friday, September 6th are all great signs.

However, because everything will need to be cleaned in the school and in the pool, my initial hunch is that we will be out of the pool for Week 2 of the season as well.  This is not a definite, but because the process is so involved in the rest of the building, the least amount of external/non-cleaning types would slow down the process.

Positives are that we can still get our fundraiser/team building in AND the pool will be the cleanest it has ever been.

Parent Meeting is still Monday at Kettle Moraine at 6PM in the Library.


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