Parents Meeting Recap

Just wanted to thank the parents that attended tonight with their support for the pool practice changes.  Your support of the situation will go a long way in making the first month of the season a success.

Here is a recap of tonight’s agenda:

  • New Staff New staff has awesome credentials and is going to be awesome to work with.  They are going to take us to a new level.  Read about them here.
  • Pool situation update  – The school is still shut down to the public due the cleaning.  The air quality and water test out fine after every test.  That is the good news.  The not so good news is that we will not get a further update on when we can practice until August 19th
  • Practice Schedule – Because of that the swimmers will be at South and the divers will be at West for sure this week.
  • Booster Club Presentations – Neither booster club was in attendance.  It was stressed that the vast majority of all monies that the BC form each school take in and then hands back to the teams is through concessions.  Both BC’s have been extremely generous to the team over the years.  We will need a liaison from the parents to represent the team at the Booster Club meetings.  If you are interested, please let me know.2013 Suit
  • Team Suits – We are ordering suits from All American Aquatics again this year.  The suit is called Scatter Brain.  There are two styles of the exact same pattered suit.  Please make every effort to order your suit by the 16th.
  • Meet schedule -Because of the pool situation, the Alumni Meet is up for grabs at this point and the first “Home” meet will be at West Allis.  Diving at Hale and Swimming at Central.  There will be a Bus for the swimmers.  First home meet back at North will be September 5th
  • Timers – We need timers and workers for all of the home meets plus timers for the home away from home meet.  Please use the link at the right to sign up for assignments.
  • Team Dinners – Team Dinners will be in flux because of the late practice times.  Usually the day before meets, the dinners are a great bonding experience, but because we are starting so late for practice, we are not sure how it is going to work.  More details once we can get back into the North Aquatic Center.
  • Code of Conduct – It is imperative that you review this with your student athlete.  Being late for school could result in not participating in practice or a meet.
  • Dry land / Weight Training – We are once again working with One Up Training for One Up Trainingour Dry Land actives.  Coach Tamm is excellent at her craft and so is her staff.  Read more about her company here.
  • Transportation – If you plan on not taking the bus home from a meet, you need to have a hand written note from a parent handed to the coach.  KM Parents should talk amongst themselves about carpooling once the school year starts.
  • Swim-a-Pooloza III – The fundraiser will be moved to January 6th and 7th.  Forms are here on the website.  Meals and activities are being planned out.
  • Banquet – Mr. Breger is planning the banquet.  He and I talked during the contact days and I have given him some direction.  If you are interested in helping out, I am sure he will not turn you away.
  • Hudl – We will be trying a bit more video instruction this year.  We did a little during the Contact Days and it was very positive.  More on this as the first couple of meets come around.

If you have any questions about any of this please let me know.

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