Week 2 Wrap Up

Nothing but excitement during week 2.Cake

A spectacular team dinner at the Sharpee House on Wednesday night.  Only possible because the Head Coach is so caring that dry land was canceled to allow for such craziness of having a team dinner BEFORE a practice.

First Meet was Thursday in a poorly lit pool with two exhibition heats, with a kid falling off the starting blocks, and crazy Colorado timing systems.  All in all, a normal meet for WNKM that also resulted in a varsity victory.  And then another team outing with a Bon Fire at the Galles House.

Stars of the Meet from Thursday: 1 Star-Claire    2 Star-Sophie/Anna    3 Star-Kali

A special Saturday morning dry land session. then some bagels, and an extended Saturday morning swim concluded the week.

The positive attitude and willingness to learn and get better have made this first two weeks really special under the toughness of not being at our own pool.

The statement of “Protect This House” that Under Armour uses in their ad campaigns will take on an entirely new meaning when we get back in at North in September.  Because once we get back, we are going to want to stay!!


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