Week 3

Week 3After a great week 2 which concluded with a very spirited/energetic swim practice yesterday, we head into Week 3.

Now that we have a meet under our suits and we know the coaching staff, we are going to start shifting swimmers into more groups by ability and a area of focus more.  All while still maintaining the ability to correct/improve the small things like streamline, starts, and turns.

Please look at and fill out your goal sheet –http://goo.gl/RwGe9k

Knock on wood, this will be our last week at Waukesha South and Waukesha West for practice.  We are grateful for their hospitality, but it will be nice to be back at North where we can be in our own cozy confines.

Swim-a-Pooloza III planning is well in the works.  Please see a captain if you have any questions.  It will start as part of practice on Friday, September 6th.

Weekly Schedule is as follows:

  • Monday and Tuesday swimmers will have dry land at 6:15PM and will swim at 7:30PM.  This is at South.  Divers will be at West from 6:45PM to 8:45PM.
  • Wednesday is a Dual meet with Pius.  Diving is at West Allis Hale at 4:30.  Coach Alex will be driving a van that will leave North around 3:30.  Swimming will be at West Allis Central.  A bus will be leaving North at 4:30.  We will need 6 timers for the meet.
  • Thursday is the same as Monday and Tuesday.  LAST LATE OFF SITE
  • Friday will have everyone at the same time like this week at 4:30 at South

We will have a three day break.  This is very unconventional for this team, but with the late practice times for three weeks, rest is needed.  Strongly encourage the student athletes to stay active.


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