Week 3 Wrap Up

Late NightWeek 3 ended tonight, and now officially ends our time at the off site locations.  And, officially ends Late Night Swimming and Diving.  And although the student/athletes were very positive and the parents were supportive and accommodating, we should all be excited to get back to the friendly confines.

The swimmers were introduced to Coach Tamm on Monday and Tuesday at dry land.  She is the owner of One Up Training.  And with the temperature being a little warmer those days, there were some stinky, sweaty swimmers.

Wednesday we swam three events apiece in our dual against Pius.  We will need to be a little more crisp starting in September in terms of technique.  The meets will start being a little more challenging.

The Divers dove in their first meet on Wednesday as well.  It was great to see their progress and to be able to see them compete for the first time.  Highlight of the meet was only having one flip card for judging.  So one judge would score, close the flip card, hand it to the next judge, they would score and close the card, to hand it to the last judge.

We finished Thursday and Friday as a complete group at Waukesha South.  Some good strong energy these past two days.


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