Swim-A-Pooloza One Week Away!

SwimaPoolozaIIISwim-A-Pooloza III planning is going along great.  The Captains have the T-Shirts on order, Mrs. Vakil has food lined up for meals, we have enough drivers for the food drive, various donations/sponsors are starting to trickle in.  This is all great news.

Please continue to ask for in kind donations.  Use the forms on the Swim-A-Pooloza III tab on the tool bar at the top.  This is our only fund raising effort during the year.

Here are two remaining items on the list that would be great if we could get some assistance with:

  • Although we have the meals covered, there is usually a “little” snacking and noshing in between meals.  This also requires some form of water to drink as well.  And each kid has there own particular likes and dislikes.  What we are asking for is for each family to bring some food for the athletes to eat during the 24 hours.  We have created a Google Spreadsheet for you to fill out at http://goo.gl/VTX3dz  It will auto save, and this way you can see what everyone else is bringing.
  • Next is some shelving in the coaches office at the pool.  Because of the fire, we took the liberty to clean out some of the unnecessary items from the pool office to make it more functional.  We have money in the team budget to make our own shelving, but I am not sure that the team is well positioned to using skill saws/table saws to create the shelving.  Looking for a little planning crew and construction crew for building some shelving in the pool office.  If you are interested and have that skill set, send us a note.

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  1. kbedalov says:

    The file link above is no longer read only. Sorry about that.

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