Week 4

Welcome HomeWe survived the first three weeks of being road warriors.  Not it is time to get back into our own pool and make things happen.  And the first week back will be filled with excitement.

Here is the weekly schedule:

  • Monday – Because the pool is open, the divers asked if they could practice Monday from 5-7PM.  And they are.  There will be an OPTIONAL swim practice from 3-5pM.  Stop by even if you do not want to swim, just so you can see your pool 🙂
  • Tuesday – Picture Day.  You MUST have your team suit this day.  There is no dry land.  Please arrive and be ready by 5:00PM.  All swimmers will practice from 5:30 to 7:30 PM.  We will be doing 100’s Til you Drop.
  • Wednesday – Swimmers will split into two groups.  The early swimmers group and All Divers will practice from 3:30 to 5:30PM.  The late swimmers will have dry land from 4:15 to 5:15 and then will swim from 5:30 to 7:30PM.  To see the list of the early and late swimming group, please click here.
  • Thursday – Dual meet with DSHA.  Meet starts at 6:00PM.  We will be swimming our strong line up this week.  Varsity individual events have been set, relays are being worked on now.  Swimmers should arrive at 4:00PM to start warming up.  Meet will go until about 8:00PM.  All Swimmers should plan on swimming down after the meet.  No exceptions.
  • Friday – Swim-A-Pooloza III begins at 4:30PM with a team swim for an hour, then the first group will start at 5:30PM.  The sign up sheet will be at practice on Monday for time slots.  Tons of things are planned including the Food Drive Saturday morning.  Drivers for the food drive should arrive at 10:30AM for instructions and be ready for the 11:00AM departure.

Couple of reminders:

  1. Bring your locker number to practice this week and get it to the Captains
  2. Bring in you Team TShirt Money if you have not already
  3. For pictures on Monday:  Players will fill out an info card and give to the photographer. The photography company will email the families when they can view the pictures online and they order from that.  No need to pay on the spot like in years past.
  4. Keep collecting your Swim-A-Pooloza money 🙂
  5. Goal Sheets Goal Sheets Goal Sheets – It would be great if everyone could have these completed by Friday before Swim-a-Pooloza starts –

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