Week 6

Sun Prairie CardinalsWeek 6 will put us on the road for two more meets.  Thursday at Muskego and Saturday at Sun Prairie for the Cardinal Invite.  Both should be a little faster than this past Saturday, so it will be important to pay attention to detail all this week.

The best part is that both are bus meets, and both are full squad meets.  Everyone gets to swim/dive at both meets.  Secret buddy rules are in effect for both meets 🙂

With the weather starting to shift towards the cold side, it is important to remember to dress appropriately and to start changing out of wet suits to head home. and to dress warm for the late night Friday football games.  Getting sick now will not be good.

Monday and Tuesday the late swim group has dry land at 4:15 PM.  We will need the Captains to lead the first 15 minutes until Coach Casey arrives.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – Early swim group 3:30 to 5:30 / late group 5:30 to 7:30

Thursday – We will have the bus pick up first at KM at 2:20 and then a pick at North at 2:45 and then to Muskego for a 3:30 Warm-Up for a 4:30 Start. Bus will go back to North and KM after the meet.

Friday – Entire team practicing at the same time in just 4 lanes is not a productive use of time.  We will work with the captains on a better game plan.

Saturday – There will be a van for the divers early.  We will have a start time once we get the number of divers participating.  Swimming starts at 1.  Initially the bus will leave at 9:45AM. Once we get a confirmation on warm-up time we will solidify the departure time.

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