Week 7

Going to use this space to recap yesterday’s marathon meet in Sun Prairie and to preview week 7.

1374895_363115317154036_406170884_nWe were a little short handed yesterday with a couple out taking college placement test while others had previous commitments and some had to leave early for band.  So, the relays were a little mixed up than the normal.  Coach Elle and Coach Kyle worked on the proper rearrangements first thing on the bus at 9:45.  The entire staff appreciated everyone’s willingness to swim strong with all those changes.

Divers knocked it out of the park early in the morning.  Cannot tell you if we have EVER had a time where 6 divers dove.  A great testament to how the program is growing and getting stronger.

Swimmers then stepped up there game in the pool.  Can tell you right now there is a direct correlation between working hard at practice during the week and the results that appear on Saturday.  In one heat of the JV 100 freestyle, the 6 swimmers in the heat dropped a combined 32.4 seconds.

On to the next two weeks.  Homecoming for KM this week, Homecoming for North the following week.  It will be important to stay focused at practice with all of the extra curricular stuff going on.  Would advise against playing in the Power Puff football game to avoid any season ending injuries.  This comes from experience.

Monday and Tuesday the late swim practice has dryland at 4:30.  Please meet at 4:15 (or earlier if you need to stretch HINT HINT).  Coach Casey will be there at 4:30.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday one group goes early at 3:30 to 5:30, the other from 5:30 to 7:30

Thursday is our Family Night.  Please bring the entire family to the dual against Catholic Memorial.  It will be free admission for WNKM Families!!!  We will dive at the normal spot in the meet, and then will introduce all the athletes with their families.

Friday we are going to try something new.  No practice.  KM has a parade after school and band kids need to be ready.  Assuming this works well, we will do the same next week.

Saturday will be all swim from 8AM to 10AM in place of Friday practice.

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