Catholic Memorial Results

CupCakesNot even sure where to start on this one.  Strong effort in all aspects.  And with it being Family Night, everyone got to witness your effort.

In my 23 years of coaching we have NEVER had 6 divers be able to perform 6 dives.  NEVER.  So a big congrats to the Divers.  Their strides to getting better are not going unnoticed.  And we are just 2 dives away from having 7 divers be able to do 6 dives.  This is very exciting!

Over 20 best times tonight.  And they came at both levels.

Junior Varsity looks stronger and stronger each meet.  Pretty fun watching 3 of them swim the 200 IM and 4 swim the 400 Freestyle.  Next step is to see three swim the 100 Butterfly!!!

At Varsity, this is what happened along with some other great performances:

  • Claire Stuart move into 12th place all time in the 50 Meter Freestyle
  • Christi Berenz improved to 4th all time in Diving
  • Amanda Wiedoff jumped to 14th all time in the 100 Freestyle
  • Chloe Hensen is now 17th all time in the 400 Freestyle
  • Amanda Wiedoff improved to 12th in the 100 Backstroke
  • Cassidy Patscot is now 10th in the 100 Breaststroke

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