Arrowhead Results

Start off by saying THANKS to the Seniors for their hard work this year and all of the years for the ones that have stuck it out all 4 years.  You are a great asset to the team and to the community.

Thanks to the Parents and Scorers table for making the Home Meet portion of the season go super smooth.  Without your help these meets in the Aquatic Center would not be even close to being possible.

ArrowheadNow to the meet.  Comments of sore, tight, arms tired, overall tiredness were all heard tonight.  Yet through it all the effort was rated pretty high from the coaching staff.  Small things like tempo, turnover, tight streamline, not breathing out of turns were all present.

We are in the middle of a strong week of practice, followed by a good week last week.  The effort and speed has been at practice.  The tiredness and tightness from Dry Land take a toll on the body, and the lack of the proper amount or REST from Homecoming (now into its second week) also plays a big part.

What we are trying to say is that we need to keep the hammer down at practice.  This effort will be rewarded in your rested swims.  This is where a little bit of faith in yourself is going to pay off BIG in the end.  Keep working hard.

And on a side note…the Friendship box is back and full of Candy!


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