Week 10

And the last dual meet of the season has approached us here in week 10.

10It also means that it is time to get really familiar with the Waukesha South Natatorium.  That is because the dual meet is there.  And then next Saturday the Classic 8 Conference Meet is there.  And then those participating at Sectionals, that meet is also there.  The pool is faster than most we have swam in.  Your expectation level of higher performance should start to be present now.

The Coaches have some decision to make this week.  We will have to decide who participates at the Varsity level a the Conference Meet and who will participate in Sectionals.  Both have a very limited number of entries.

For Varsity Conference there are 32 entries.  There is no limit at the JV Conference Meet.  Everyone will get two opportunities to swim, and/or will dive.  Just a matter at what level.  There are only 18 individual entries for Sectionals.

Monday and Tuesday the late practice group has dry land at 4:15 PM.  This is the last week of dry land.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday the practice schedule is the the same as the previous weeks.

Wednesday the team dinner is at the Resset’s House.  Address and directions will be sent out via email.

Thursday the dual meet is at Waukesha South.  There is no bus.  Warm Ups start at 3:30PM, and the meet starts at 4:30PM

Friday there is no practice.  And it is the last game of the football season.  Kettle Moraine plays at Waukesha North.  Lets make sure we all go to support our team/school.

Saturday AM practice for the swimmers will once again be from 8AM to 10AM

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