Week 11

We are now to Week 11 – Championship Week.  Classic 8

If there was one week where you could get more rest, maybe curtail any extra extra curricular activities.  Maybe go to bed a half hour or hour earlier.  Drink that second glass of orange juice.  Simple things that make certain that you are fully rested for Saturdays Classic 8 Championship.

Late practice group WILL have Dry Land on Monday and Tuesday.  There will be no “competitions” this week.  It will be a little taper mode for Dry Land.  Coach Casey specifically indicated that it will be more stretching and less causing people to be sore this week.

If Saturday is your last meet you will start the resting process this week.  This is why the extra rest is a key component.

Monday through Thursday there will be early and late practice groups with the 3:30 and 5:30 start times respectively.

Friday practice time is still being worked on.  Both schools have not classes, but Coach Sarah has teacher type things until 11:30AM.  Coach Elle will be finishing her first full week working full time.  And the funeral for Coach Kyle’s Mom starts at 4:30.  More information on the memorial can be found here –> http://is.gd/bhEEGB  Once the practice time is determined the information will be sent out.

Saturday’s schedule for the meet at Waukesha South is as follows:

  • Diving Warmups start at 7:45
  • Diving Starts at 9:30
  • Swimming Warmups start at 12:30
  • Swimming Starts at 2:00

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