Volunteer Opportunities

1st Day of PracticeThe season is now upon us.  Today, we are 1 month and 25 days from the first day of practice.  If you have not read the last post, the updated meet schedule is on the site.  You can click on this link to see the schedule, or click on the schedule in the right side bar.

There are a number of things that happen all at the same time. Here is the list, please read through it all and then let me know which pieces you are interested in assisting with:

  • Swim-A-Polooza IV will be the first weekend of the season. We talked about it being the third week, but we are going to move it to starting Friday, August 15th and finishing on August 16th. This is our only fundraiser of the season and money will go towards paying for our dry land coach as well as towards new starting blocks. I have starting information for all of these smaller parts below:

o   T-shirts for this need to be designed and ordered.

o   Organize the Food Drive Saturday Morning of Swim-a-Pooloza – Last year we donated to the Waukesha Food Pantry, this year should be the Wales Food Pantry and the drive should happen in the Wales/Dousman/KM area. A parent that knows that area would be much more help.

o   Food/Meals for the people that are at the pool – We have done a number of things but nothing is set in stone. We have had pasta and pizza donated in the past, and have had parents bring food in

o   A parent to organize business donations – we have committed to the companies in the past that a donation of over $100 will get them on the back of the T-shirt. This could be an in-kind donation or could be in water/frozen yogurt gift cards or mani/pedi gift cards

  • Breast Cancer T-shirt Drive – We will need a design and price and a cause to donate the money.
  • Home Meets will be posted up on Sign up Genius off the main web site for timers, but this year we are hosting a little 4 team invite. The North Booster Club has said we can open the concession stand that day, but we will need to run it. We may actually get a full house for the meet so opening and running the concession stand may be a good option for us, but it will take people power to do it.

If you are interested in coordinating any part of these above, please let me know and I will give you more information.


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Husband, Father, Coach, Friend. Just living life the way it was suppose to be: honorably, respectfully, and passionately.
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2 Responses to Volunteer Opportunities

  1. Claire Stuart says:

    Hey Coach, Are you accepting designs for the Swim-a-polooza t-shirts yet? And do we know who is ordering them yet? I just had this really good idea for them… 🙂 Let me know when you’re ready for the brainstorm. Thanks, Claire Stuart

    • kbedalov says:

      I think that Lauren wants to take a stab at the shirt design. She is really good a drawing. Do you want me to put you in touch with her?

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