2014 Week 1

HopeFaithCourageAnd we are finally underway starting on Tuesday. Hard to believe that just 286 days ago we were finishing up the season the State Championship meet in Madison.

Just finished a meeting the Coaching Staff and the Team Leaders. Going to set the tone on day one with making a Commitment to the team. We talked about team dinners, Swim-a-Pooloza IV, and Goal Setting. There was a great deal of positive energy tonight!

And it all starts Tuesday!!!

Here is the Week 1 Schedule:

  • Tuesday – Divers practice at 3:30.  Swimmers practice at 5:30
  • Wednesday – Dry Land with Coach Cam at 4 PM.  Swimming at 5:30
  • Thursday – Dry Land again at 4 PM.  Followed by Swimming at 5:30
  • Friday – Swim-A-Pooloza IV starts at 9 AM.

Because the 24 Hour Relay starts the first week, and we start into meets quickly in Week 2, we will have a Parents Meeting on Thursday at 7:00PM in the Media Center at Waukesha North.  Coach Sarah and Coach Elle will finish practice and Coach Kyle will run the Parents Meeting.

Please remember to ensure your proper paper work is filled out and turned in to your Athletic Department so you are eligible on Tuesday.



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2 Responses to 2014 Week 1

  1. Frank Martins says:

    “we will have a Parents Meeting on Thursday at 7:30PM in the Media Center” … can you please clarify a date for “Thursday”?

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