Hartford Meet Results

HUHSThursday marked the 7th straight year that the team opened the season with a dual meet against Hartford Union High School.  Each year we have learned a great deal about ourselves in the opening contest.  And this year was not exception.

The enthusiasm and effort was incredible for the first meet. The host Hartford team helps contribute to that but we were equal to the task.

It was awesome to see swimmers come back from their race and be open and receptive to feedback and then turn around and try the corrections in their next swim. As a coach that is a great environment to be in.

But most of all, we learned that as a team we are not quite in “swimming shape”. We talked at the Parents Meeting about swimming back to back events and being ready to do that. We did okay but there is room for improvement. What happens is we get tired and then our technique starts to slip. Stuff like streamline off turns, breathing out of turns, not kicking off wall.

Great way to start the season!!


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