Week 4 Wrap Up

Stay-FocusWe ended the week this morning with a highly spirited finish. The energy showed at today’s practice is EXACTLY what we need to move the needle for this program to the next level. It is effort like today that will pay large dividends down the road.

The first week of school with practice has usually been pretty stressful in the past, and this year the week was no different. The pain and agony with starting school, homework, remembering locker combinations, what to wear, etc. weighs heavily on ones shoulders.  It is hard to stay focused on the task at hand at practice.  And that is to keep working on our process related goals!!

The good news is that the week is over and everyone pretty much survived.

The dual on Thursday was exciting.  It reinforced that we have a ton of talent in a ton of strokes which makes for great depth in a number of events.  Plus it is always good to get a victory at home.  We are now 28-7 at home since the 2007 season.


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