Breast Cancer Awareness TShirts

2014 Pink CapsBreast Cancer Awareness Month is October.

We would like to extend this opportunity to you again this year to purchase a Breast Cancer Awareness TShirt via the Swimming and Diving Team. All proceeds being donated to a local charity. The sale closes this Sunday so we can have all of the shirts delivered by the beginning of October.  The link is here.

We have yet to pick the charity this year, but in the past we have given to Susan G. Komen of SE Wisconsin, Stillwaters Cancer Support Services, the Leroy Butler Foundation, and Inheritance of Hope. In the past 4 years we have donated over $2400 to these causes. You can read more about those organizations and see previous years shirts at this link.

Coach, Sarah lost her Mom this past spring. We are working with her to pick this years charity. We are certain that it will be a cause that Coach Sarah really believes in!!

But if you know the team, we are more than just selling the shirts or donating the money.  Each charity that has received money has sent someone to talk to us, or we know someone that has greatly benefited from the group, or both. We use this as an education experience as well.

Our swim team obviously wants to swim fast and dive well, but part of the being in a group like our team is the positive impact we can make on other groups. Using our powers for good. There is more in a student/athlete than just your athletic performances. These are character building events that have no measurable statistics on how great of a person you become in the future.

We also will be wearing the pink style WNKM swim caps during October as well.

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  1. Amy James says:

    Team order delivery or deliver to our home?


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