Cardinal Invite Results

Warm UpsToday was one of the only times we get to travel and swim on a Saturday as a full team. It is a great time to be all together. From a coaching stand point it is a good time for us to see everyone swim fast at the same time. Rather than in a dual meet format where it goes too quickly.  Yes the meet was long today but that is because our gracious hosts LOVE to make sure that both levels get recognition for their talents.

From a coaching standpoint, the meet was outstanding. A great number of time drops.  People battling through sickness and still swimming well. Divers doing all 11 without failing a dive. A couple lifetime bests from our year round swimmers. Great relays, and great “B” and “C” Relays.

Coach Elle’s comments after the meet were as follows, “A lot of girls are working on doing little things better! Still room for improvement, but it is getting better each meet.”

Great work tonight ladies!


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