Sectional Results

An exciting day of swimming is in the books! It was great to see the excitement and the fast swimming today.

Including lead off swims today we had 17 season bests with a good number of those being lifetime best times. From a coaching standpoint, we could not have asked for a better last meet of the season.

The state of division 1 swimming in our state has been getting faster and faster each year.  This year was no exception. In 10 of the 11 swimming events the qualifying time was faster than last year. And 8 of those were the fastest since we started tracking these back to 1991.

We were fortunate enough to get the Medley Relay through to the BIG Pool in Madison next Saturday. That relay was the 4th fastest since 2007 in school history. And that means one more week to go!

2014 Medley Relay



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