2014 Season Wrap Up

The season ended with a whirlwind weekend with our one swim on Saturday at the Big Pool and then the banquet on Sunday.  Here is the recap from the awards from the Banquet:

  • Most Improved – Mya Kolstad
  • Spirit – Anna Bedalov
  • Senior – Kali Drachenberg
  • Dedication – Cassidy Patscot
  • Outstanding Freshman – Lexi Burgos
  • Diver – Grace Kalt
  • High Point – Amanda Wiedoff
  • Super JV – Kassady Fohr
  • MVP – Claire Stuart

Every swimmer and diver got better from the start of Comparethe season until the end of the season. The coaching staff is trying to accomplish each season. There are too many things that we cannot control outside of  those 2 to 3 hours we see you for the 12 to 14 weeks. Thus, making each one of you better is one of our primary goals.

But at some point the question has to become “What am I doing to better myself?” or “What am I doing now to make sure I am prepared for next season?”

As a coaching staff, we were already talking at the Banquet last night about things that we should get better at, things that should be done differently, and things that must be improved to become better.

We talked about this a bit at the Natatorium on Saturday with the group as well. Getting to the State Meet is really cool and rewarding, but getting there and Scoring a Point at the meet is the next logical step for up to grow as a program.

Yes, a rare combination of skill, work ethic, and some luck will allow for that to happen. But everyone on the team should have the mentality to make that next big leap to Score a Point in their own way.

Either by joining a swim club, signing up to get into the weight room afternoons at your school, joining a spring sport, making your academics a priority, etc. These are all ways that each of you can contribute to make this team better.

No excuses – Score a Point.


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Husband, Father, Coach, Friend. Just living life the way it was suppose to be: honorably, respectfully, and passionately.
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