Contact Days

Besides the season actually starting, the next best couple of days are those that start this Sunday. Those are the Contact Days. Per WIAA rules we are allowed to have 5 days of contact with the team members as long as they are completed before July 31st.

Those days start this Sunday, July 26 and will run through July 30.  We will run from 5:30PM to 7:30PM each night. We will be swimming/diving each day in a normal practice format. (Diving will be only the first two days – please check with Coach Alex for more information)

CaptureIf you have your own equipment bag please bring it. We have storage in the pool office and if can stay in there until the end of the season. We have some kick boards and other equipment but there are a ton of you that like your own.  Otherwise make sure you bring a water bottle, goggles, cap, etc.  Everything that you would need for a normal practice.

If you are not going to swim because 13+Over state is at the end of the week, please stop in and reunite with the coaches and make sure you check out the new team suits.  Try one on so that you can order the correct size on the Team Store for All American Aquatics.  It will also be helpful to check your roster information along with email addresses.

The Spirit Wear team store is now RE Opened for orders to have them by the first meet of the year.  The store is online at and will close August 3rd at Midnight. Unless there is high demand there will not be another order.

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