End of Contact Days

I-may-not-be-there-yet5 days of light swimming along with 2 days of diving concluded Thursday night with a little bit of pizza from Toppers. A fitting end to a week that was low in intensity and allowed us some extra time for stretching and to get to know each other a bit better.

But that is complete now. And once the 13 and over state meet ends on Sunday, all attention will turn toward August 11th.

But even though we are not in the pool there are a ton of things that still need to get done by the 11.  These would include:

  • Athletes need to make sure all of their forms are turned in at their respective schools to be able to swim on the first day
  • Order your team suit on line at All America Aquatics from the Team Store.  If you still need to try on a suit from the sizing kit please let Coach know.
  • Order your Team Shirts – https://wnkmswim.itemorder.com  There was a printing issue, so those that ordered already should also have them by the first practice
  • Order your Northstar Invite shirt – https://wninvite.itemorder.com
  • Start talking to family and friends to collect money for Swim-A-Pooloza V

Should also make sure to follow the team on Facebook and Instagram


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