2015 Week 1

New BeginningsJust a couple of weeks ago we finished our 5 contact days. When it concluded the coaches gathered around and determined that we had something special in our midst. There seemed to be a great balance in laughter, determination, talent, and leadership. And that was with only 20 to 25 people present each day, not the entire team.

Now we get started for real.

Things will start to move real fast.  Soon it will be the first meet.  And soon it will the Northstar Invite. It is critical that we put a good amount of effort and focus into the first three weeks before school starts.

Here is the schedule for week 1:

  • Monday – Make sure all your paperwork is in at your school.  See Ms. Bishop at KM or Mrs. Bedalov at North to make sure you are eligible right away on Day 1.
  • Tuesday – Divers start at 9AM and Swimmers start at 5:30PM
  • Wednesday – Divers go at 9AM.  Dryland at 4:30 for all. Swimmers start at 5:30PM
  • Thursday – Divers go at 9AM.  Dryland at 4:30. Swimmers start at 5:30PM
  • Friday – Divers go at 9AM again.  Dryland at 4:30 for all. Swimmers start at 5:30PM
  • Saturday – No practice, but there is a swim clinic in West Bend for those interested.  We do have a school van reserved.  Information is here for the event – http://goo.gl/YULfqD Highly recommended.

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Husband, Father, Coach, Friend. Just living life the way it was suppose to be: honorably, respectfully, and passionately.
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