2015 Week 3


Normally this is a Sunday post, but with so much information, it needed to get out Saturday night.

9 practices in the pool. 6 sessions in with Coach Brandon. 1 Dual Meet. 1 Team Dinner. This is all withing the first two weeks.  We now have a couple new faces back with us to fill out this rather large team. We should be at full strength now.

Week 3 is going to be one of our busiest of the year.  Northstar Invite on Wednesday and then Swim-A-Pooloza V starting on Saturday in conjunction with the Alumni Meet.

A ton of sign up Genius links to be made aware of as well.

Here is the schedule for this week:

  • Monday – Divers go at 9AM.  Dryland at 4:30 for all. Swimmers start at 5:30PM.
  • Tuesday – Divers go at 9AM.  Swimmers start at 2:30PM  Dryland at 4:30 for swimmers. Pizza at the pool afterwards?? Swimmers should stay and watch divers for their meet starting at 6PM
  • Wednesday – Divers go at 9AM.  Northstar Invite. Swimmers at the Pool at 4PM
  • Thursday – Divers go at 9AM.  Dryland at 4:30 for all. Swimmers start at 5:30PM.
  • Friday – Divers go at 9AM.  Swimmers are off for Friday Football – Both schools have home games.
  • Saturday – Swim-A-Pooloza starts at 7 AM and runs into Sunday at 7AM.  We will need $5 from each kid to offset the cost of the TShirts.  We will all swim from 7 until 9AM for normal practice leading up to the Alumni Meet at 9AM.  Food Drive will start at 2PM.  We will need some drivers, maybe 6 or 7 with larger vehicles to gather food. Family Pot Luck will start at 5:30PM.

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2 Responses to 2015 Week 3

  1. Jason Wiedoff says:

    Kyle, we have a new portable gas grill if you want us to bring it let us know. Wiedoff

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