2015 Conference Relay Results

IMG_5071We have to start this post out with something awesome. This is the only time that we have been able to fill ALL of the eligible events at Conference Relays in the CKE (Coach Kyle Era) dating back to 2007.  We say eligible because Classic 8 Conference rules dictate that the Varsity can only enter 10 of the 11 events. Junior Varsity can enter all events.

Just read that again.  That is how tremendously strong and dynamic we are as a team right now. We have a good number of swimmers (and a swimmer converted to a diver for one day) that can swim such a vast array of events.

We set CKE team records at Conference Relays in a number of events including the Varsity 200 Free Relay, the JV 4x100IM Relay, the Varsity 300 Breaststroke Relay, the JV 200 Fly Relay, the Varsity 400 Freestyle Relay, and the Varsity 200 Medley Relay.  That is 6 team records. We also earned medals in 5 events tonight!

Overall a very good effort.  There is still room for improvement.  Saturday is the next day to show how strong we can really be!


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