2015 Red Raider Results


Not sure there is any one word that describes today’s meet. Everyone did their part and contributed in some way. If that meant going a lifetime best or a season best or finishing a relay .01 ahead of the next team or just supporting your teammate. We all did it together today.

IMG_5091Every swimmer that came over to talk to a coach today left the coaching area and said “Thanks”. Yes, winning the meet is really fun. But the unselfish way we did it today made it even better.

We won zero events today. But because we fought tooth and nail all day long we were able to score 8 points more than the 2nd place team. We took second in 6 events. 18 of our 34 swims were in the Top 10 today. We changed up the freestyle relays again today and they both finished 2nd.

This was a huge step forward for us today. We can still score better and swim faster. There is a ton of room for improvement. But the the atmosphere at the meet and on the ride home was spectacular. Keep trust in the system and keep the Team First attitude!





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2 Responses to 2015 Red Raider Results

  1. Eva Stuart says:

    Has WNKM ever won this meet in the past?? Amazing!

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