2015 Week 6


Tempo Trainers with New Batteries

We head into Week 6 with a great deal of momentum and positive vibes that must be carried on to this week. This will be a bit challenging because we are heading into our first of two weeks of Homecomings to contend with. And this is the first full week of school.

Points of emphasis this week include:

  • Starts with explosive breakouts
  • Streamline position upon entering water on start
  • Kick and stroke transition from underwater streamline to breakout
  • Speed through the turn –> Speed in equals speed out

These next couple weeks are going to really set the foundation for the end of the season. It is imperative that everyone be at practice physically and mentally. The attention to detail is paramount.

  • Monday – Divers go at 4PM.  Dryland at 4:15. Swimmers starts at 5:30PM
  • Tuesday – Divers go at 4PM.  Dryland at 4:15. Swimmers start at 5:30PM
  • Wednesday – Divers go at 4PM.  Dryland at 4:15. Swimmers starts at 5:30PM.
  • Thursday – Divers go at 4PM.  Swimmers starts at 5:30PM
  • Friday –Divers go at 4PM  No practice for swimmers because of Homecoming Parade and Football Game at KM
  • Saturday – Morning Practice for Swimmers 7:30 to 10AM

The Google Calendar on the right should be up to date for this week.

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