2015 Week 8

hardworkWe have crossed the half way point and are headed into the home stretch. This is an important week for us with two meets. One is our last home meet of the year while the other is our last Saturday of racing until the Conference Meet.

We also have cut back our dry land to two days a week starting this week. This was to help us to prepare for our end of season rest period and to provide a little more rest on Wednesdays before our last couple dual meets.

  • Monday – Divers go at 4PM.  Dryland at 4:15. Swimmers starts at 5:30PM
  • Tuesday – Divers go at 4PM.  Dryland at 4:15. Varsity Swimmers start at 5:30PM
  • Wednesday – Divers go at 4PM.  Swimmers starts at 5:30PM. Team Dinner at the pool again this week.
  • Thursday – Dual at Home against Muskego.  Senior Night.  Arrive at 4PM
  • Friday –Divers go at 4PM. Swimmers starts at 5:30PM
  • Saturday – Bulldog Invite. Diving at 8:30AM. Swimming at 1:10. Line Up and more information will be posted Monday at practice.

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