2015 Week 10

trust-the-process1We looked a little tired but swam well on Thursday. A couple of people said they were sore and a little beat up. Yet we still swam well. Just think how well you will do once you are rested.

But for as much as we do in the weight room and for as much as we do in the pool, there are some things you need to do to help the process. Make sure you are getting enough rest at night. Make sure you are drinking enough water. Make sure you are getting your homework done. Make sure you are dressed warm enough when you leave practice. Getting sick now will not bode well for the rest of the season. Bottom line is take care of yourself.

And now we are now into Week 10! Last dual meet of the season. Divers will dive on Friday at West Allis and then Saturday in West Bend.

A good deal of things are going on right now that everyone needs to be on the right page to make sure they happen.

  • The Breast Cancer Awareness T Shirt Order form is here
  • The Banquet information is here
  • If you have not paid your $10 for the conference T Shirt, please do so soon

Here is the schedule for the week.  It includes the Friendship Box with Arrowhead and the Buffalo Wild Wings fundraiser on Monday.

  • Monday – Divers go at 4PM.  Dryland at 4:15. Swimmers starts at 5:30PM. Buffalo Wild Wings on Sunset Fundraiser.  Need this ticket for us to get credit.
  • Tuesday – Divers go at 4PM.  Dryland at 4:15. Varsity Swimmers start at 5:30PM
  • Wednesday – Divers go at 4PM.  Swimmers starts at 5:30PM.
  • Thursday – Dual at Arrowhead.  Bus leaves at 4:30. Meet starts at 6PM
  • Friday –No Practice.
  • Saturday – Practice from 10:30AM to 12:30PM – Please note the time change

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Husband, Father, Coach, Friend. Just living life the way it was suppose to be: honorably, respectfully, and passionately.
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