Spring Meeting Notes

It was great seeing everyone tonight. The energy level and excitement is back for another year!!FullSizeRender

We are going to try to go with a team suit that we can use more than one year. It is a different concept but it should be an opportunity for families to save some money on suits if the student athletes take proper care of their suits.

With the sublimation process we can get a more custom graphic on the suit. That is the plus side. The down side is that they take 4 weeks to order. That means that once the sizing kit arrives another email/web site post will come out to have the girls try on suits at the pool. This should be happening in the next couple of weeks.

The pool renovations and upgrade are underway.  The walls are going to get painted next week to a brighter white color. This will allow for better pictures and better video record for stroke analysis.

The North Booster Club along with funding from the Athletic Department, the Kettle Moraine Booster Club, the Pewaukee Booster Club, and a couple private donors have allowed us to purchase new starting blocks.  They should be in place by the start of the season.

We are taking some money out of our team account so we will need to do some fundraising to help pay for some of the smaller things during the season. The first one is  set for Thursday, August 11th at Pieper Porch in Waukesha. The plan is to get there at 5:00. They donate the space and a tasting of 5 wines per person. Additional wine by the glass and bottle can be purchased.  Water and soda will also be for sale. We will bring in food and will be asking for volunteers for other finger food type snacks. Because we are trying something new we are going to set the price at $15 per person.

We will also be doing Swim-a-Pooloza VI with more details coming out over the next couple of weeks.

The swim practice schedule and meet schedule are posted on the right side bar. All athletes should plan on being at all practices and all meets.

Contact Days will start July 24th.



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