30+ Days Til We Start

13495167_10153742825516984_5939247327044844304_nWe are about 32 days until we officially get underway but there are some things to get done before we start.

First and foremost is to get your suits ordered.  The response so far of stopping by the pool, or stopping by the office, or trying them on at the Olympic Trials party. After trying them on, the key piece is to actually order the suit. The directions are here OR they can be found on the right side under the link that reads Team Store Info.

For the Parents, we sent out an email for a sign up genius for our Adult get together at Pieper Porch.  Please view it here and sign up to attend.  It should be a fun time and a great way for a little parent bonding .

For the Parents and Athletes, please make sure your proper paperwork for eligibility is complete before our first day of practice.  Each school has a specific set of forms that need to be filled out.  Those include an Athletic Code, a physical form, and some others.

  • For North Athletes goto this link
  • For KM Athletes goto this link

And Finally, contact days start Sunday, July 24th  and will run for 5 days from 6PM to 8PM.  This is a great way to get way to get a head start on the season.  These are actual practices and you will be getting in the water.


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