Swim Team OTAs Start

IMG_7228Our Organized Team Activities (OTA) or as the WIAA calls them, Contact Days, start this Sunday and run thru Thursday.  They will be at the North Aquatic Center and go from 6PM to 8PM. These are optional for all members.

The rest of this message has a great number of links in it for things that are important to the start of the season.

The season starts August 9th.

Practice on Thursday, August 11 for the Swimmers will be early that day, running from 8AM until 10AM.  This will allows for the coaches to go to the Pieper Porch Adult only fundraiser. The link to that is at http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0e4aa4a62da46-team3  The Captains are working on a plan to watch the Olympics that night as well.

There is no practice on the first Saturday of the season. Instead we have an opportunity to goto a Swim Clinic in West Bend.  Last year we had 5 athletes go and attend.  There is a cost associated with the clinic.  Coach Kyle will be there because he is organizing the event. If we have enough people going we will take a school van.  Sign up for that is at this link – http://www.wisca.net/swimming-diving-news/2016/7/1454/swim-clinic-date-announced

Spirtwear for the season that matches the caps and the logo on suit is also up and running. There are a ton of options on the site.  That can be order at – https://www.promoplace.com/midcitysports/stores/WNKMSwim This store closes on August 2nd so we can have it by the first meet.

The Northstar Invite is August 24 and we have a link for shirts.  This store closes August 8th.  To order your t shirt for that meet, goto this link – https://www.promoplace.com/midcitysports/stores/northstarinv

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