And then it was Morning

IMG_7506Morning came and so did the rain.  Luckily we are still an indoor sport. Although we heard there is an outdoor meet locally today that starts at 8AM.  Not sure they are getting that in.

We have done around 27,600 meters thus far plus Aqua Zumba

Still looking for a couple more drivers for the scavenger hunt.  If you are interested please goto the sign up genius link at –

Most the slots are full for the Family Night portion.  We are going to need thawed patties for cooking out not frozen. And we could use one more grill to cook out.

And one last plea that this is our big fundraiser for the season. This fundraiser was started to get the new scoreboard, timing system, and lane lines.  It will help replenish our team account for the new starting blocks.

Live video feed is still up and running at


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Husband, Father, Coach, Friend. Just living life the way it was suppose to be: honorably, respectfully, and passionately.
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