Parent’s Meeting Notes

Here are the notes from last nights Parent’s Meeting.

  • New Staff – Coach Sarah is taking a teaching job up North in Baldwin, WI and Coach Alex is taking a season off as the diving coach on paternity leave.  Incoming is Coach Bri for swimming and Coach Riley for Diving.  Coach Ashley is our Core Strength Coach again this year.
  • Practice Schedule –
  • Meet schedule – Schedule is firm.  It is posted on this team site.  In dual meets, everyone swims.  On weekend invites, it is primarily the Varsity team that competes.
  • Timers – Look at the meet schedule and be prepared to time at the home meets.  The sign-up genius for this is located at here
  • Team Dinners – We will have those again this year with some at the pool and some at the houses.  The past couple of years because the team got bigger, a couple of families joined together for the team dinners.  Team Dinner sign up is here
  • Code of Conduct – It is imperative that you review this with your student-athlete.
  • Dryland / Weight Training – Coach Crosby will be in charge again.  It is integral to our program and is not an optional event.
  • Swim-A-Pooloza is our big fundraiser.  Information on how to secure donations for the team can be found here.
  • The North Booster Club web page is here.  The KM Booster Club web page is here.  Both clubs operate in the same fashion in that there are required volunteer hours to be able to receive full payment for items requested.

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