Muskego Dual Wrap Up

IMG_2283We had the great opportunity to break in a new pool tonight at Muskgeo. And we did a pretty good job with that with 45 season best times.  Yes 45!  It was a long meet but it was great to get a ton of swims in tonight.

Here are the coach notes from today:

  • As stated above, it was great to get so many swims in the 8 lane pool  Extra swims allowed us to measure how we have improved
  • Bus was packed! Only a couple of free seats.  Great problem to have
  • The team support and great teammate support was excellent again
  • The drum corp to start the meet was pretty cool
  • The warm up rotinue needs to change when we go to new pools so we feel comfortable in our turns.  We lacked good execution tonight in that area/
  • Starts and relay exchanges were excellent
  • Great day of rest for everyone on Friday


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