Common Questions & Answers:

What equipment do we need to be a part of the swim team?

A one-piece swim suit, googles, swim cap, fins, and pull buoy are required for the team. The girls can keep this equipment in their mesh bag that can be hung in the office which we lock every night. The girls are also given a team swim bag, and a team kickboard.

Are all practices mandatory?

Yes, however we understand if you must miss a few practices due to prior engagements. We ask that the swimmer gives one of the coaches notice ahead of time. If the swimmer continues to have unexcused absences, or tardiness a consequence such as being withheld from a swim meet.

What if I have another commitment once a week, such as MYSO, can I still be on the team?

Yes. We understand there are a lot of activities going on during high school swim season that the swimmers may be interested in. With that being said, when the girls choose to be on the swim team the coaches also view it as a commitment to the team. If a swimmer plans on missing once a week, talking with a coach to come up with an alternate training plan is recommended.

If I am sick and do not go to school, can I still come to practice?

No. If the student does not attend school during the day, they can not participate in practice that evening. This is a WIAA rule.

What is the transportation from KM to North?

None. The roster on page 6 lists what students attend KM and what students attends North. We advise parents and students to use this roster to help girls get rides from KM to North. 

Do I get a locker to store my things?

Whoever wants a locker in the North locker room can get one, we will assign them at the beginning of the season. KM students also can get a locker in the KM athletic locker room. Talk to one of the coaches if you would like one there as well.

How do we order WNKM Apparel?

Mid-city Sports is our apparel provider. At the beginning of the season an online team store is created and will be sent out via email, where the girls and family can purchase any items they want online. The one item that is highly recommended is our warm up jacket so that the team is uniform during meets.

What are contact days?

Contact days are a week of swimming before the season starts that is not mandatory. It is a time for girls to try on apparel for the year, try on suits, meet the coaches, the team, as well as new cheers. Practices are held by the captains and not meant to be extremely demanding.

When does the season start and end?

The season begins in the middle of August and depending on how far each swimmer goes depends on when it will end. Junior varsity’s last meet is typically at the end of October. Varsity’s last meets are towards the middle of November.

Do I need a Physical?

Everyone needs a physical done and turned into their designated school before they can swim with the team.

What equipment do I need for dryland?

Tennis shoes, proper fitting clothing, and a big water bottle.

Do I need to take the bus home from swim meets?

It is highly recommended that everyone takes the bus home from swim meets, however it is not required. If you are not taking the bus home from the swim meet and you attend KM, in the athletic packet there is one form parents need to sign off on saying the coaches are not liable for them when they leave the meet. If you attend North, we also need a signed note before the meet saying they are taking the student home with them.

Home meets and meets where there is not a bus, swimmers will be required to stay to the end of the meet to cheer on their teammates. If they are excused to leave the meet early, the swimmer will need to give the coaches a signed note from their parents stating that they are leaving early.

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